Success means different things to different people. At The Potentiality Co we use a variety of proven tools to help you define your purpose, to banishing self-imposed limitations and to move boldly in the direction of your success, your Potential Realised.

Integral Coaching Model

All-inclusive, entire, complete, whole.

At its deepest root, Integral Coaching refers to a holistic and all-encompassing system that enables people to observe and assess themselves from various dimensions. The outcome is being able to move beyond limiting beliefs, feelings and actions.This open us up to fresh possibilities and living life in a more fulfilling way.

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At The Potentiality Co. we can identify your long-standing patterns and barriers to success and empower you to tackle them head-on, creating a shift from a current reality towards a future desired state. Be prepared for an “A-HA” moment or two.

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Insight into why we believe what we do.

Understanding the self, is the most important work to be done. This ancient system offers a process of self-discovery that allows us to unpack how our personalities have developed based on our life experiences and, subsequently gives insight into we believe what we do.

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In an organisational context it is imperative that individuals understand themselves, others and the team in which they operate. In association with Ennea International we facilitate how individuals deal with conflict, receive feedback, are able to trust, collaborate, bring their thinking skills and resilience for the collective. These are all important dimensions for building high performance teams.

Using the Enneagram, the Potentiality Co. is able to identify your individual and team coaching needs quickly and efficiently, which will facilitate the discovery of the development path required to realise full potential.

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Systemic Constellations

Everything exists in a system.

Is your current reality real or perceived? Systemic Constellation work seeks to understand a prevailing issue by unpacking how the current perceptions of the relationships that exist, cause the current reality.

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The outcome of a Systemic Constellation is to create harmony within the system by shifting the relationships and thereby creating a solution orientation out of the initial problem orientation.

Working the cognitive, emotional and kinetic responses allows for deeper understanding, integration and ultimately action.

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Quantum Leadership

Spiritual Intelligence and Quantum Leadership.

It opens up the ultimate human quest for meaning, vision and value and a connection to something larger than ourselves. Offering a way of operating that moves beyond profit, and considers society and the greater

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good of the collective consciousness.

Seeking ways of operating for the greater good and thereby offering employees meaning and purpose.

Living and Leading from a place of higher motivation is the ultimate outcome of shifting from traditional Newtonian principles to more expansive Quantum possibilities.

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