It’s fair to say that there is a significant leadership gap and general lack of legitimacy when we look at the state of leadership world-wide. The challenge in leadership is setting aside the personal agenda in favour of doing what is right and in the best interests of the people.

Legitimate Leadership

Many companies spend significant budget on once-off bespoke team interventions, yet few of these align to create real shifts and therefore a defined culture within organisations.

In association with the Legitimate Leadership Consultancy (www.legitimateleadership.com), we are able to offer the Legitimate Leadership Framework. This unique model provides a platform for bridging the leadership gap and creating a fundamental shift from “taking” to “giving” in the workplace, with astounding results.

The implementation of the Legitimate Leadership Framework creates a leadership standard of behaviours and practices against which all leaders in the enterprise are assessed for alignment and adherence.

This results in a consistent leadership culture across the enterprise and ultimately establishes an organisational culture in which individuals grow and make an above and beyond contribution.


At an organisational level, we work with leaders who are obsessed with bringing out the best in themselves and their people by equipping them with the practices and behaviours to support this intention. In a nutshell, we enable those in leadership positions to better serve their people, who in turn better serve their business.


Our work with teams involves entrenching that business sustainability and success is driven through maximising the contribution of each individual within the system. Through the process we establish team purpose, vision and values to drive team cohesion, alignment, contribution, excellence and a culture of legitimacy, trust, contribution and accountability.


At the individual level, we cultivate people whose focus is on what they can give or contribute with the bigger interests of the team in mind.

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