Why The Potentiality Co?


Every day, we are inspired to fast track individuals, teams and businesses towards POTENTIAL REALISED. So that they can be purposeful and fearless in making life amazing.

You’ve taken the first steps towards unleashing the kind of potential you never thought possible.

The reality is that most people don’t realise their potential because they underestimate their abilities, which usually results in accepting mediocrity.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you want to do more, to be more. Perhaps you want to create direction and find clarity in life? Or you want to improve your performance, enhance your leadership style and become more successful? Whether you’re after personal mastery or effectively leading a high performance team and organisation, we can assist.

At The Potentiality Co we provide people just like you with proven tools and skills to enable you to understand self-imposed limitations, address them and work towards your goals and aspirations – with a newly defined outlook. It’s all about creating a mind-shift and we’ll walk the journey with you.


“A year from now you’ll wish you’d started today. Today is that day.”

Our commitment is to facilitate leaders and teams, who recognise that business sustainability and success is driven through maximising the contribution of each individual within the system. Our work with teams is to establish team purpose, vision and values to drive team cohesion, alignment, contribution, excellence and culture.

Actively addressing the leadership gap and choosing to work with leaders who are obsessed with bringing out the best in themselves and their people by equipping them with the practices and behaviours to support this intention. Our focus is on establishing leaders who are granted authority by their people and therefore willingness to make an above and beyond contribution.


Our Clients


About the Founder

Meet Wendy Nagel, Founder and Chief Potentiality Officer
of The Potentiality Co.

Wendy spent 24 years in the corporate world. Her area of specialisation was within the marketing and brand strategy arena where she has held varying roles across various industries, namely, Toyota SA Marketing, MTN cellular and banking (Standard, Absa and Nedbank).

It was through leading teams with a focus on building the business and brands that she discovered her true passion for facilitating the growth and development of those around her, which prompted her to pursue it full-time.

Today, a certified Professional Integral Coach through The Centre for Coaching (GSB – UCT) and New Ventures West, she has logged over 900 hours of individual coaching and facilitation and has achieved the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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Over the last 6 years, Wendy has coached more that 80 individuals; including executives, CEO’s of Entrepreneurial Businesses and senior managers; to become more effective in leading and managing their business and individual wellbeing.

As a coach facilitator, Wendy has guided teams through processes that determine clear visioning, planning, team dynamics, cohesion and collaboration - ultimately, equipping teams to establish a clear value proposition within the organisation.

“I look forward to fast-tracking you to POTENTIAL REALISED so that you can find your purpose and become fearless in making life amazing. Please contact me for further information or to set up your free, no-obligation trial session.”

Go realise your potential,

- Wendy

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